Eco Adventure with Philippe Cousteau | Riverbanks Roundup


Students are invited to join in as we journey through Riverbanks Zoo and Garden searching for ways to support a healthy Earth and all its creatures! Conservationist Philippe Cousteau is the son of Jan and Philippe Cousteau, Sr. and the grandson of Captain Jacques-Yves Cousteau. While in our state, Philippe visited Riverbanks to explore the aquarium, feed African Tortoises and help clean up the Saluda River with Riverbanks Roundup host Katie Mixon and a great group of Zoo Teens.

In this special program, Cousteau shares his passion for conservation and passes on the power to make a positive difference to Zoo Teens and South Carolina kids. As a member of the legendary family, Philippe is continuing the work of his father and grandfather through EarthEcho International ( Philippe's travels have taken him diving, rock climbing, trekking, and snowboarding around the world. From expeditions in the highlands of New Guinea to war-torn Sarajevo, where he provided humanitarian aid, he has learned that exploring the connections between humans and the environment are as important as exploring nature itself.


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