Construction of Nest - Process - Episode 2


During our visit, Nils-Udo and a team of students and volunteers made final touches to the massive nest constructed of natural materials. Donned in parkas and muddy boots, the crew finished weaving timbers into the nest, stopping occasionally to prune it with a chainsaw. Some students wove long bamboo poles into a swirling green mass that dropped into the base of the nest. Tips of small bamboo sticks dotted the bottom of the nest, adding contrast to the rich, red clay underlying the structure. With no blueprints to assist construction, students relied on verbal directions from the artist. Construction of the nest took over three weeks, with Nils surveying and conducting the process from the top of a scaffold tower.

Several months after completion of the nest, the bamboo was brownish-green, earth had moved, timbers had shifted, and birds had made homes in its walls...

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