Congressman Jim Clyburn, Part 2 | The Big Picture - Episode 2


While serving as the head of the human affairs commission, Jim Clyburn was unsuccessful in his two attempts to be elected South Carolina’s secretary of state. Clyburn’s determination to win put him back in elective politics one more time. In 1992, Clyburn was successful in getting elected to represent the sixth district, in the U.S. House of Representatives. Clyburn took office in 1993, and ran with the same mission he championed back in the 1960’s. Of all the issues Clyburn has dealt with in his political career, the most difficult one was his plan to build a bridge across Lake Marion. Apart from the bridge controversy, there is another side to Jim Clyburn: his love for golf. Every summer, Clyburn heads up a golf tournament in Santee to raise money for S.C. college students.  

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