Congressman Jim Clyburn, Part 1 | The Big Picture - Episode 1


To say that Congressman Jim Clyburn is a driven man is an understatement. Clyburn had been involved in politics, one way or another, ever since his youth. It was during his time as South Carolina State College where Clyburn found his niche in politics, and became a civil rights advocate. During the 50’s and 60’s, Clyburn crossed paths with other S.C. civil rights figures, such as Matthew Perry, and L. DeQuincey Newman. After getting married, Clyburn moved to Charleston where he taught high school history. In the early 1970’s, Clyburn began his career in elective politics, and then S.C. governor John West was so impressed with Clyburn’s work, that Clyburn was appointed to Gov. West’s staff; being the first African American elected to serve on a governor’s staff since Reconstruction. During Jim Clyburn’s service on the governor’s staff, he created effective antidiscrimination laws. These laws were so effective, in fact, that other states, like Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina, patterned their antidiscrimination laws, following S.C.’s model.

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