Bridge Builders, Part 7: International Q&A Session - Episode 7


The international video conference call continues (Part 7 of 7). This segment originates in Jordan, and the students in Brooklyn, New York and Columbia, South Carolina are called on for their suggestions. The students in Jordan also provide their suggestions, as the discussion continues. Next up are the students from the United Kingdom, who asked the school in Brooklyn how well integrated into life in America are American Muslims, in particular in schools, there. Then students from Westinghouse in Brooklyn ask students in Jordan whom they identify with, in regard to the attacks. The students in Columbia, S.C. then ask the students in the United Kingdom if there was an increase in patriotism in the U.K., as a result of the attacks. The students in Athens then ask the students in New York about commemorating those who died, but not allowing their names to be used to kill more innocent people. The students form Columbia, S.C. then ask the students in Brooklyn if these events have caused any changes in their everyday routine in their school. The students in Jordan then ask about these events being international, a world tragedy, that should involve the world community, as a whole. 

The students are asked to participate by sharing their ideas, suggestions and essays via the website/bulletin board.

Recorded September 18, 2002, Length 1:16:40.