Bridge Builders, Part 1: Introductions - Episode 1


Bridge Builders, Part 1 of 7

* Please note that at times, there will be a loss of audio and/or video in this live international call-in program. We regret any inconvenience. Recorded September 18, 2002.

This live international video conference call, in association with One Planet Education Network, provided an opportunity for students to design a memorial to those lost at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.

George Newman, founder of One Planet Education Network (OPEN), an international e-learning company that brings together schools from all over the world to work together on projects of global significance and to learn from one other, and to give students everywhere a voice on important issues, introduced the program. South Carolina ETV and One Planet Education Network partnered on the project. Betsy Newman, Bridge Builders program manager, hosting from South Carolina ETV, was joined by students from White Knoll High School in Columbia, S.C. 

Six schools from four countries cooperated as lead schools in the project to bring a common vision and design for the World Trade Center Memorial. Schools around the world were invited to participate via the Bridge Builders website. About 80 countries were represented in the Twin Towers. People from 75 nations perished that day.

The project was archived here; however, the information available is very limited.