The Baruchs of Hobcaw Barony, Part 1 - Early Family History


Belle Baruch, a prominent resident of Hobcaw Barony, was very protective of her land, and worked to preserve her region; saving it from development. This is the story of Belle Baruch’s life, and the Baruch family.

Bernard Baruch had three children, but their eldest daughter, Belle, was Hobcaw Barony’s greatest champion. Belle’s paternal grandfather, Simon Baruch, from Prussia, established himself in Camden in 1855. The Baum family helped Simon go through medical school, and in 1862, Simon became an assistant surgeon in the Confederate Army, during the Civil War. After the war, Simon Baruch returned to S.C. to marry his sweetheart, Isabelle Wolfe, of Fairfield County. Simon and Isabelle had four children, and Bernard was their second born.