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What is an Actor?

The actor portrays a character emotionally and physically by using his or her voice, facial expressions and body movements. Under the advisement of the director, the actor reads the script, memorizes lines and dramatically interprets a part for the live stage performance. Some roles may require research or observation skills to help the actor create a believable character for the audience. Actors use verbal and non-verbal communication skills to play a role. Talents such as singing and dancing are required for a musical production.

Real People Profile

Name: Jacqui Graziano
Workplace: Disney's Beauty and the Beast U.S. National Tour
Education: Bachelor of Fine Arts in dance performance,
Southern Methodist University
Favorite Subject(s)
in School:
Chorus and science.
First Real Job: Scooped ice cream at a local ice cream shop
Dream Job: Starring in either a new musical or film
Interests: Songwriting and working out.

Real People Q&A

Advice for students interested in my job: 
If it's something you enjoy, keep striving for it! It is worth every effort made!

What subjects in school will students need to do my job?
Not one particular subject except to participate in any shows, classes or activities involving the arts

What I like most about my job? 
I love it all. I'm fortunate to do what I love to do. Personally for me, there is nothing greater than looking into the audience and to see someone having a good time. I look for that. I love when we're in the theater and I can see all the people right in front, make eye contact and see them smile.

What is the biggest challenge in my job?
We do eight shows a week and the challenge is just to do it-every show to be fresh and to keep your enthusiasm, more so than energy. You can pump yourself up to have energy, but to maintain enthusiasm to do it over and over is a challenge. If you love what you're doing, it's not that hard.

How do you get a job like mine? 
Typically, the company, casting director or the production team of a show will hold a series of auditions in New York or in other big cities. You go and learn a portion of the show, a little routine and usually you have to sing a song and if they think you may be right for the show, you get a call back and repeat that process again. It just gets narrowed down to whom they want for the cast. If you're right for that show, you usually have a shot.