06-25-2015: Continued Coverage of the Charleston Tragedy - One Week Later | Conf. Flag Collection - Episode 6


Continued coverage of the tragedy in Charleston, one week later, and how the city and our state have bonded together to deal with this tragedy. We also speak with experts on how we heal. Produced July 25, 2015.

Features an in-depth interview with Mayor Joseph P. Riley of Charleston, followed by an interview with Rev. Joseph Darby, First Vice President of the NAACP of Charleston. Dr. Martha Durham, a licensed psychologist practicing in Greenvill;, Rev. Thurmond Bowens, pastor at Trinity Baptist Church in Columbia; and Marvin Bryant with the S.C. Department of Mental Health join P.A. Bennett for a conversation about healing.  Dr. Durham discusses the stages that some people go through, and the need to find meaning and purpose. They discuss faith and the difficulty of moving forward without the belief in a higher power. They bring up the love that is being shown, and the way that the families and South Caroliains are coming together in unity in response to this event, with 9 thousand people holding hands across the bridge, and the Confederate Flag coming down from the Stete House grounds.

People in the Lowcountry discuss the loss of the nine who were killed and that of Senator Clementa Pinckney. Reflections are provided by those who knew him and had so much respect for the Senator and his life of service.