Global Warfare in Early 20th Century

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The Invasion of Poland
The Invasion of Poland


Students will understand the influence of dictators in Europe and the role European Nations played in World War II.

We Have A Story To Tell
Episode 2


During the Civil War, the Union and the Confederacy turned to the states to build and maintain their armies. While some volunteer units stayed home to defend South Carolina, many other units were...
World War I


The state's mild winters and railroad lines connecting them to the north made South Carolina a good location for U.S. Army World War I training camps. There were three total in the state, and two of...
African Americans in World War I | Let's Go!


The National Selective Service Act became law in 1916, and in 1917 the U.S. was seeing its first instituted draft. The law simply said men aged 18 to 35 would be called on in the event of a draft. So...
S.C. and World War I


Despite South Carolina being chosen by the Army for its mild winters and opportunity for year-round training, 1917 was the state's coldest winter on record, with over forty days of sub-zero...