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South Carolina's historical events, people and places. Content has been curated to meet South Carolina Social Studies Standards.
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Ensor, Joshua Fulton | South Carolina Public Radio


"E" is for Ensor, Joshua Fulton [1834-1907]. Physician. A Maryland native, Ensor had a distinguished career as a surgeon in the Union Army. After the Civil War, he became active in Republican Party...
Unionists | South Carolina Public Radio


“U” is for Unionists. Unionists in South Carolina were anti-scessionists and supporters of the federal Union in the decades prior to the Civil War—especially during the Nullification Crisis of the...
Wild Turkey | South Carolina Public Radio


"W" is for Wild Turkey. A wild turkey is a large galliforme, that is, chicken-like bird. Males weigh up to 20 pounds and females half as much. The turkey is characterized by its large size, iridescent...