Foundations of Social Studies

K-2. Concepts include learning about citizenship and community.
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Grocery Store | KidsECON
Episode 1


Laila takes us on a tour through the grocery store. Learn the difference between a need and a want in the first episode of KidsECON. About the Series Laila, Ella, and Jayden are taking part in a...
Fire Academy, Part 1 | Project Discovery Revisited


At the South Carolina Fire Academy, we learn what it takes to become a firefighter. This 208-acre facility contains classrooms, drill towers, a fire station, equipment storage, and teacher offices...
Fire Academy, Part 2 | Project Discovery Revisited


Students begin their fire training in a Class A combustible burn building. They learn what fire is and how it burns. In a flashover, flames go from the floor to the ceiling. Breathing is done through...