Life Science

Life Science is the study of living organism which include micro-organisms, plants, animals and humans. 
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Ants Trivia Quiz - Teacher Resource | What's Wild
Ants Trivia Quiz - Teacher Resource | What's Wild


Ants are some of the most fascinating and complex insects in the world. These tiny creatures are known for their remarkable social behavior and their ability to build intricate underground colonies...
Conserving the Gopher Tortoise
Conserving the Gopher Tortoise


High school Biology students will understand the ecological importance of turtles and tortoises, focusing on the gopher tortoise as a keystone species in the sandhills ecosystem of South Carolina...

Carolina Jessamine | Carolina Snaps


The Carolina Jessamine, South Carolina's state flower, is a vibrant yellow bloom found throughout the state and Southeast. This versatile plant, cherished for its beauty and traditional medicinal uses...
Spider Lily Trivia Quiz | What's Wild
Spider Lily Trivia Quiz | What's Wild


The Catawba River is home to one of the most beloved aquatic flowers in the state. The Rocky Shoals Spider Lily is a unique plant species that requires a special environment to thrive. Unfortunately...