The War at Home

1860-1865. Learn the impact of the Civil War on South Carolinians on the homefront.
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Reflections of Columbia, Part 2
Episode 2


In 1860, roughly 60% of the population in Columbia were slaves. 60% of the gross economic capital in South Carolina was in human property. With the growing popularity of the Republican Party, and...
A Woman Ahead Of Her Time | Walter Edgar's Journal
Episode 3


Martha Daniels analyzes the albums’ “Panoramic Breadth,” and how Mary Chesnut was an educated woman ‘ahead of her time.’ Along with photos of famous Southerners, the albums also feature photographs of...
The Album's Journey | Walter Edgar's Journal
Episode 2


Walter Edgar discusses with Martha Daniels and Henry Fulmer about references made to the photo album found in Mary Chesnut’s diary, along with references found in the South Caroliniana Library’s...
The Refugee Crisis | Walter Edgar's Journal
Episode 2


The Up Country faced a refugee crisis near the end of the war. People fled from the coast to escape the war, and Dr. Walker discusses how difficult it was to provide provisions and assets for them.
A Shift In Sentiment | Walter Edgar's Journal
Episode 1


In this first segment, Dr. Melissa Walker discusses the increasing civilian distaste for the war, as observed in letters written to soldiers out in the field. Dr. Walker also notes how civilians...