Personal and Community Health

Learn about behaviors that prevent or promote personal and community health.
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What Does Your Family Like to Do?
What Does Your Family Like to Do?


Many families have Holiday traditions. Use this worksheet to tell Smart Cat about all the holiday traditions you have with your family and/or friends!
Character Education | Growing up with Smart Cat
Episode 5


How many of you want a super power? Well you may already have one. Did you know that being a good friend is a super power? In fact, it may be one of the most important super powers. Just like super...
The Five Senses | Growing Up with Smart Cat
Episode 4


There are five important things that help us observe and understand the world around us. Without those things, we may not be able to ride a bicycle have fun with our friends, learn at school or even...
Sleep | Growing Up with Smart Cat
Episode 2


Did you know that whenever you go to sleep while you're off dreaming of crazy adventures, your body is working hard for you. That's right. Getting a good night's sleep can make you healthier and...