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Standard RL.MC.6

RL.MC.6 Summarize key details and ideas to support analysis of thematic development.

Grade(s): 6

Subject(s): English Language Arts

Year: 2015

Antonio Sacre | Inside Storytelling


Antonio Sacre is a playwright, author, and an internationally award-winning storyteller. He is also a frequent communicator on National Public Radio. Born in Boston, his current address is Los Angeles...
Connie Regan-Blake | Inside Storytelling


Connie Regan-Blake is considered a pioneer in bringing storytelling to a national audience. She helped to shape and ignite the American storytelling revival. She is a founding member of the National...
Brian McCreight | Inside Storytelling


Brian McCreight is known as the "Lowcountry Liar Storyteller." He resides in Charleston, South Carolina. He is also a puppeteer, specializing in shadow puppetry, and is a playwright and a published...