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Standard RL.LCS.9

RL.LCS.9 Interpret and analyze the author’s use of words, phrases, and conventions, and how their relationships shape meaning and tone in print and multimedia texts.

Grade(s): 3

Subject(s): English Language Arts

Year: 2015

Chetter Galloway | Inside Storytelling


Storyteller Chetter Galloway, of Atlanta, Georgia, specializes in African and African American stories. His renditions are energetic and animated. He blends his stories with music, drumming, sound...
Jackson Gillman | Inside Storytelling


Jackson Gillman is known as the "Stand-Up Chameleon." He incorporates song, dance, mime, and sign language into his storytelling. What distinguishes him from other storytellers is his use of movement...
Bossy Elephant | Gullah Tales
Bossy Elephant | Gullah Tales


Listen to the interactive version of the Bossy Elephant in both English and Gullah. Storytelling performance by Anita Singleton Prather (Aunt Pearlie Sue)