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Standard RI.MC

RI.MC Meaning and Context

Grade(s): 9

Subject(s): English Language Arts

Year: 2015

John Jakes | Conversations with SC Writers


John Jakes is a well-known author of historical fiction. He is also a research fellow in the Department of History at the University of South Carolina. He discusses his trilogy, Love and War. He...
Tom Feelings | Conversations with SC Writers


Tom Feelings was both a writer and an illustrator. He taught illustrating at the University of South Carolina. Usually, the process is that a manuscript is submitted to a publisher, and the publisher...
Tommy Scott Young | Conversations with SC Writers


Students speak with poet, storyteller and writer Tommy Scott Young. Mr. Young starts with The Gingerbread Man. One of his secrets is to read outloud. The characters do not come fully alive without...
Beth Horner | Inside Storytelling


As a result of spending her childhood in the Missouri Ozarks, Beth Horner developed an interest in telling traditional stories from that region. She also tells folk, contemporary, and original tales...
Making Fishnets | Gullah Net


In the video, St. Helena resident Frank Brown weaves a net while singing a song rich in the Gullah dialect. This clip was extracted from Palmetto Places - St. Helena Island. After the Civil War and...