This indicator was developed to promote inquiry into why and how various peoples immigrated to the U.S. Furthermore, this indicator was designed to promote inquiry into how these immigrant cultures influenced American culture and society.

Grade(s): 5

Subject(s): Social Studies

Year: 2019

The Trail of Tears | History In A Nutshell


Join our cartoon avatar host as he takes viewers through a brief expose on the events leading up to the forced removal of Native American tribes from the eastern United States. After the American...
Field to Factory | Palmetto Special


This program is based on an oral history conducted by the New Jersey Multi-Ethnic Oral History Project. The subject is a black woman who moved with her family from South Carolina to New Jersey in the...
Supplies for the Quarantine Camp, 1899
Supplies for the Quarantine Camp, 1899
Episode 3


Many of the casualties among American forces who fought in Cuba during the Spanish-American War were the result of disease, not wounds. Daufuskie Island became a quarantine detention camp for soldiers...
Lemmon Hill Plantation
Episode 1


Project Discovery visits a restored plantation from the 1790s, built in Winnsboro, in Fairfield County.
Earth Day
Episode 2


Project Discovery looks further at the Ccngaree Swamp and how it became a protected park with an excerpt from the documentary "Roots in the River". (Part 2)