This indicator was designed to encourage inquiry into the economic implications of the expansion of the rice and cotton industries. This indicator was also developed to promote inquiry into Westward Expansion, the mutually beneficial impact of cotton

Grade(s): 8

Subject(s): Social Studies

Year: 2019

Runaway Slaves | History of SC Slide Collection
Runaway Slaves | History of SC Slide Collection
Episode 14


Runaway slaves were a constant problem in maintaining a workforce of unfree laborers. Slaves ran away because of mistreatment, out of a desire for freedom, or often simply to be reunited with husbands...
The Antebellum Period | Conversations on SC History
Episode 11


Noted South Carolina historian Dr. Walter Edgar discusses the key issues in SC History. The Antebellum Period is discussed in three lessons: Prosperity in South Carolina System of Slavery Status Quo
Tenant Farmers | Pee Dee Explorer


Learn the history of African-American tenant farmers during the era of reconstruction as Karl McAlis ter , Francis Marion University Librarian, takes us on a tour of the two remaining hewn timber...