This indicator prompts students to inquire about how geography influences economic activities around the world. Economic livelihoods may be expressed by agriculture (subsistence, commercial), industry, and services.

Grade(s): 3

Subject(s): Social Studies

Year: 2019

Gullah Traditions | Gullah Net
Gullah Traditions | Gullah Net


Gullah traditions are the customs, beliefs and ways of life that have been passed down among Sea Island families. Making sweetgrass baskets, quilting, and knitting fishing nets are a few of the crafts...
Listen to Gullah Language | Gullah Net
Listen to Gullah Language | Gullah Net


INSTRUCTIONS: Click on an English word to see and hear the Gullah word. About Gullah Language Gullah is also a language. It was developed among Africans as a way to communicate with people from other...
Saving Sandy Island, Part 3 of 9


In part three of Saving Sandy Island the residents begin to explore what will happen to their island if development takes place and what they must do to preserve the land. Saving Sandy Island is a...