Human populations and migration patterns vary across Earth’s surface and change through time. The interaction between human and environmental conditions helps to explain the characteristics, spatial distributions, and movements of human populati

Grade(s): 9

Subject(s): Social Studies

Year: 2019

Gullah Roots: Rice As Cash Crop | Carolina Stories
Episode 1


Rice is a staple food of Sierra Leone. Rice is not only a favorite dish of Sierra Leoneans and the Gullah-Geechee, but it is also a part of their history. A dike system for cultivating rice worked...
Freewoods Farm | Reconstruction 360


Reconstruction 360 is built on a 360 degree video platform that features a reenactment set on a farm in 1865. The reenactment was shot at Freewoods Farm, a living farm museum in the Freewoods...