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Standard 5.2.CE

5.2.CE Examine the primary causes of World War I and the events which led to U.S. involvement.

Grade(s): 5

Subject(s): Social Studies

Year: 2019

World War I | History In A Nutshell
Episode 1


A brief video on World War I: how the war started, the U.S.' involvement, fighting the war, and the aftermath, with the Treaty of Versailles. *Important Note: Italy was originally a member of the...
Germany's Surrender | History of SC Slide Collection
Germany's Surrender | History of SC Slide Collection
Episode 8


The First World War ended with the surrender of Germany "at the eleventh hour, on the eleventh day, on the eleventh month." This headline in "The State" newspaper on November 11, 1918, brought news of...
SC Veterans in History, Part 8
Episode 8


A group of Columbia businessmen met one afternoon, raised the money, bought the acreage, and made a gift to the federal government of the land on which the camp was to be built. On June 2, 1917, Camp...
SC Veterans in History, Part 6
Episode 6


This segment provides information on the Confederate Relic Room and answers a question about women who served in the Civil War. The definition of the word "relic" is provided, and information about...
20th Century, Part 2 | Conversations on SC History
Episode 18


Noted South Carolina historian Dr. Walter Edgar discusses the key issues in SC History. South Carolina Enters the 20th Century, Part2 is discussed in two lessons: South Carolina – Major Role in World...