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Standard 4.L.5B.2

4.L.5B.2 Construct explanations for how structural adaptations (such as the types of roots, stems, or leaves; color of flowers; or seed dispersal) allow plants to survive and reproduce.

Grade(s): 4

Subject(s): Science

Year: 2014

Carnivorous Plants | What's Wild


In this edition of What's Wild, we'll be taking a look at some native South Carolina plants with a big appetite! There are approximately thirty-one species of carnivorous plants throughout the state...
Red Cockaded Woodpecker | What's Wild


In our first episode of What’s Wild, we’re traveling to the Sandhills and checking out the Red Cockaded Woodpecker! Let’s see how this threatened bird species adapts to life in this unique ecosystem...
Sensory Organs
Sensory Organs


Students will be able to complete the lesson on their own through videos and individual research.

Snakes, Snakes, Snakes | Project Discovery Revisited


When the Museum of York County had a special exhibit on snakes, the Project Discovery crew visited the exhibit with naturalist Rudy Mancke of PBS’s NatureScene. There are many myths about snakes, most...