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Standard 3.L.5B

3.L.5B When the environment or habitat changes, some plants and animals survive and reproduce, some move to new locations, and some die. Fossils can be used to infer characteristics of environments from long ago.

Grade(s): 3

Subject(s): Science

Year: 2014

Aquarium | Eye Wonder


The Eye Wonder team learns more about Aquariums. D.V. visits an aquarium where he learns how much water is in aquarium tanks and how it is filtered, as well as the types of fish in aquariums, how they...
S.C. Aquarium, Part 2 | Project Discovery Revisited


Food preparation for the many animals at the aquarium takes time. The songbirds eat different foods than the predatory birds. Some of the foods eaten by the birds include apples, peas, meal, carrots...