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Standard 3.5.4.AG

3.5.4.AG Use maps and other geographic representations to identify how migration patterns affect people and places.

Grade(s): 3

Subject(s): Social Studies

Year: 2019

Songs | Gullah Net


Music is another important part of life on the Sea Islands. Most of the Gullah music is found in religious practices. Although spirituals had a Christian message, they were heartfelt expressions of...
Gullah History | Gullah Net
Gullah History | Gullah Net


From West Africa During the late 1600s, English settlers in the new colonies needed more workers to farm thousands of acres of land on Sea Island plantations. Although some of the workers were Native...
Listen to Gullah Language | Gullah Net
Listen to Gullah Language | Gullah Net


INSTRUCTIONS: Click on an English word to see and hear the Gullah word. About Gullah Language Gullah is also a language. It was developed among Africans as a way to communicate with people from other...