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Standard 3-5.6

3-5.6 Describe the growth of tourism and its impact on the economy of South Carolina, including the development of historic sites, state parks, and resorts and the expanding transportation systems that allow for greater access to our state.

Grade(s): 3

Subject(s): Social Studies

Year: 2011

Highway 81 | From the Sky


There are over 41,000 miles of road in South Carolina. Like veins in a body’s circulatory system, they connect the busy cities and small towns to each other, each serving a vital role throughout our...
Carolina Style | Palmetto Special


This lesson is a brief survey of the art, architecture, literature and theatre of South Carolina. It opens with a series of skits where "comedic characters" "put down" South Carolina's interest in...
SC Economy | Palmetto Special


The lesson begins with a young man making an "economic decision" concerning the purchase of a pair of running shoes. The host defines economics beginning with, "Economics is that branch of the social...
Earth Day, Part 5 | Project Discovery
Episode 5


Rudy Mancke and a park ranger answer questions about the Congaree National Park from students during the original broadcast of the Project Discovery Earth Day special. (Part 5)