Sisterhood: SC Suffragists - Moving Forward

The roles South Carolinians played in the Women’s Suffrage Movement have often gone unheralded.

This program highlights the efforts of famous South Carolina suffragists, such as the Grimke sisters, the Rollin sisters, and the Pollitzers. The contemporary discussion, hosted by Beryl Dakers, analyzes the legacy of the passing of the 19th Amendment. Joining the discussion are:

  • Lauren Harper – Affairs Strategist and CEO of Citybright
  • Keller Barron – Veteran Activist, and former President and Board Member of the League of Women Voters
  • Ann Warner – CEO of WREN (Women’s Rights and Empowerment Network)
  • Tamika Isaac Devine – Attorney, and Columbia City Council-Woman
  • Dr. Lilly Filler: OB/GYN, Chair of the S.C. Holocaust Commission, and President of the Jewish Historical Society of South Carolina.