Traditions | Original SC

Original SC is a series featuring stories of everyday South Carolinians living, working and experiencing all that the Palmetto State has to offer.

Meet individuals who are determined to keep traditions and South Carolina history alive.

Dawn Corley, Charleston Silver Lady | Original SC


A lot of South Carolina's history is handed down through generations in the form of stories or an object. For Dawn Corley, the Charleston Silver Lady, the most personal objects are that of the family...
Ment Nelson, Artist | Original SC


Ment Nelson is all about purpose. His hope is that his first art collection will stir up curiosity and create an educational opportunity to bring awareness of the Gullah culture to a younger crowd.
Thomas Williams, Cane Maker | Original SC


Fourth-generation cane maker Thomas Williams of McClellanville, South Carolina, sells Gullah inspired walking sticks. These hand-carved Cypress knees, Cypress lamps, Cypress tables, walking canes and...