Coastal Zone | A Natural State

Every year, the beaches, marshes, and other Coastal Zone features of South Carolina attract millions of tourists and billions of tourist dollars. For many, vacationing at the beach is not enough. The palmetto-lined streets, moss covered oaks, and serene inlets of the coast are home to fastest growing population in the state. As the suburban population sprawls, historic cities like Charleston and Beaufort struggle to maintain their identities. The cultural landscape of the coast is shaped by traditions passed down from sea island slaves from west Africa and a history of seafaring and trade. After hundreds of years, coastal seaports still bustle with international trade ships, Navy fleets, fishing boats, and curious visitors.

Meet artists from the Coastal Zone of South Carolina below. Please note many of the web videos include transcripts.  The artists are trained professionals who often use tools not considered safe for inexperienced users. Please review the safety disclaimer.