There are 124 members of the South Carolina House of Representatives, each serving a two-year term. Every year, the House convenes on the second Tuesday of January and adjourns on the first Thursday of June. Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays are legislative days, totaling 100 lawmaking days per year. 

Items of interest in the South Carolina House include the House rostrum, the desks of the representatives, the mace, and the House seal, which is also woven into the wall coverings. The House Chamber is open to visitation by individuals and tour groups, and tour guides are available. Also, members of the public may attend when the House is in session and view the proceedings from the visitor’s balcony.

House Chamber: State Mace | The SC State House


The symbol of authority in the House Chambers is the state mace. Whenever members of the House attend state occasions or events held in the Senate Chambers, the mace is always borne by the Sergeant-at...
House Chamber Photos | The SC State House
House Chamber Photos | The SC State House


Pictured from left to right above. Rostrum: The House rostrum is extremely valuable and was skillfully crafted by artisans of the Columbia Lumber Company. It is made of hand-carved British Mahogany...