F. Transportation in South Carolina | History of SC Slide Collection

From horse and buggy to space shuttles, South Carolinians have relied upon a wide variety of motive power and vehicles to get to where they are going. The story of transportation is actually an extended part of the account of South Carolina's economy: without the ability to move people and goods, neither agricultural, commercial nor industrial activity can succeed in bringing prosperity. Other examples of how people travel can be found, especially in the section of this collection on economy, but also scattered throughout all the images. This section is organized by forms of transportation, and within each example by chronology. Using these images you can: begin with animal power (horses and buggies); explore the changes in water transportation from Native American log canoes to the latest in ocean going and pleasure boats; see the changes in rail travel (train and trolley) over time; follow the progress of the impact that the internal combustion engine has made in South Carolina; and witness the beginning of the air age in our state.

A Three-Wheel Police Motorcycle Squad, 1949
A Three-Wheel Police Motorcycle Squad, 1949
Episode 4


Greenville policemen Paul Brandon, John Duncan, Charles W. Mitchell, Simpson, Harry Hopkins, and Woodall made up a three-wheel motorcycle squad around 1949. Courtesy of the Greenville County...