Be a Music Critic

In the Be a Music Critic section, listen to two very different A Closer Look - Musical Performances and record your answers to the Write About It questions in a notebook or a digital document. Use the Music Word Bank to help with your responses.

Also learn the different sections of an orchestra by the instrument types and listen to how the instruments sound. 

Google Drive/Classroom Users: You can go under File and select "Make a Copy" or "Print" to access the Artopia Music - Write About It worksheet.

1812 Overture | Artopia


A Closer Look In this video clip The South Carolina Philharmonic is playing the last few minutes of Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture. This piece of music was written to celebrate a Russian victory over the...
Concert in the Park | Artopia


A Closer Look Danielle Howle has been called "a southern storyteller with a gorgeous sense of melody." She tells stories through her songs. Like poetry, songs often leave out more than they put in...
Music Word Bank | Artopia
Music Word Bank | Artopia


pitch – the highness or lowness of a tone rhythm –a pattern of long and short sounds and silences in music improvisation – composing music as it is being performed tempo – the speed or pace of a piece...