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Located at 1705 Hampton Street, in historic downtown Columbia, South Carolina, this is the home where President Woodrow Wilson spent four years of his childhood. The house was built in 1871, during the height of the Reconstruction era; a tumultuous period in United States and South Carolina history. Today, the house is a museum, devoted to showing Columbia's struggle to rebuild itself after the Civil War, and the Wilson family's time spent in the home. 

  • Wilson Family Home And Gardens Fence Plaque
  • Exterior View Of Wilson Family Home
  • Forage Cap
  • Woodrow Family Rocking Chair
  • Educational Video Viewing Area
  • Reconstruction Quote By Woodrow Wilson, 1901
  • School Bench
  • An Old Edition Of Charles Darwin's "The Origin Of Species"
  • Architecture Info Plaque
  • Excavation Info Plaque
  • Wilson Family Photo Album
  • Stereograph Exhibit
  • Saving The Wilson Family Home Info Plaque
  • "Divided By Design" Info Plaque
  • "Tommy" Wilson's Childhood Neighborhood Info Plaque 
  • "Tommy" Wilson's Childhood Info Plaque
  • Reconstruction Era Public Schools Exhibit
  • The University of South Carolina in 1873 Exhibit
  • Exterior View Of Woodrow Wilson Family Home And Gardens
  • American Revolution Bicentennial and National Register Of Historic Places Emblems
  • Franklin Moses Promotional Banner
  • Wilson Birth Bed
  • Reconstruction Texts
  • American Flag With Thirty Seven Stars - The American Flag Under Presidents Abraham Lincoln And Andrew Johnson.
  • Unpack Tommy's Trunk
  • Invitation/"Prostrate State" 
  • "Frank Leslie's Illustrated"
  • Marriage, Divorce, And Orphans During Reconstruction Exhibit
  • Wilson Family Home Exterior View
  • Reconstruction Fashion
  • Sheraton Style Table And Gas Lamp
  • Redshirt And Shotgun
  • Speaking Horn
  • Hall Tree
  • Carpetbag
  • Quilt
  • First Benedict College Building
  • Normal School Students With Mortimer Warren
  • African American Female Domestic Workers
  • Woodrow "Tommy" Wilson's Baseball Drawing
  • Color Poster For the 15th Amendment Of the Constitution


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