The Peace Center for the Performing Arts | Kids Work!

Located in the heart of downtown Greenville, South Carolina, the Peace Center for the Performing Arts provides a place for world-class performances, community arts education and local performing arts organizations. The Peace Center has 40 full-time staff and employs up to 140 part-time staff and ushers to operate the four performance areas in the theatre complex. The Peace Center Concert Hall seats up to 2,100 people for large shows like Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Next door, the Gunter Theatre can seat up to 400 people. The Coach Factory, a historical building at the site, has an even smaller venue called the Shirley Roe Cabaret Theatre. Behind the center, the DowBrands Amphitheatre provides a place for outdoor concerts, festivals and parties.

Here are some fun facts about the Peace Center Concert Hall:

  • The orchestra pit can be raised and lowered by a hydraulic lift system.
  • 100,000 yards of cloth make up the stage curtains, drapes, and seat covers.
  • Two 1,800-pound soundproof doors are located on either side of the stage.
  • A Steinway grand piano was purchased with donations from school children of the Greenville County School District. Each child donated 88 cents to represent the 88 keys.

Meet real people who work at the Peace Center.