Overmountain Men | Kings Mountain

Overmountain men were American frontiersmen from west of the Appalachian Mountains (now Tennessee) who fought in the Revolutionary War.  

When Major Patrick Ferguson led his amy into South Carolina, he sent the overmountain men a bold warning. With an army of 120 well-trained British Provincial soldiers, formed from Northern volunteer units, along with about 800 loyalist militiamen recruited from the Carolinas, Ferguson was confident of a victory. 

Unfortunately, Ferguson had isolated himself from the main British army by establishing an elevated position at Kings Mountain.

On October 7, 1780, under the leadership of Colonel Isaac Shelby and Captain John Sevier, a thousand Overmountain men (Patriots) surrounded Ferguson and his army. A hail of patriot bullets hit Ferguson at the same time, and he died of multiple gunshot wounds.

The Battle at Kings Mountain was a great victory and placed in motion for the tides to turn in favor for the Patriots.