Matt Christopher's Books | National Book Month

Books by Matt Christopher:
All-Star Fever
Baseball Flyhawk
Baseball Jokes and Riddles
Baseball Pals
The Basket Counts
Catch that Pass
Catcher with a Glass Arm
Center Court Sting
Challenge at Second Base
The Comeback Challenge
The Counterfeit Tackle
Crackerjack Halfback
The Diamond Champs
Dirt Bike Racer
Dirt Bike Runaway
The Dog that Called the Pitch
The Dog that Pitched a No-Hitter
The Dog that Stole Football Plays
The Dog that Stole Home
Football Fugitive
The Fox Steals Home
The Hit-Away Kid
The Hockey Machine
Ice Magic
Johnny Long Legs
The Kid Who Only Hit Homers
Long Arm Quarterback
Long Shot for Paul
Man Out at First
Miracle at the Plate
Mountain Bike Mania
Olympic Dream
Penalty Shot
Pressure Play
Prime Time Pitcher
Red-Hot Hightops
Reluctant Pitcher
Roller Hockey Radicals
Run, Billy, Run
Shoot for the Hoop
Skateboard Tough
Snowboard Maverick
Snowboard Showdown
Soccer Duel
Soccer Scoop
Spike It!
The Spy on Third Base
The Team that Couldn't Lose
Tennis Ace
Tight End
Top Wing
Tough to Tackle
The Year Mom Won the Pennant
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