Betsy Byars' Books | National Book Month

Books by Betsy Byars:

The Midnight Fox 
Trouble River 
The Summer of the Swans 
The House of Wings 
The Winged Colt of Casa Mia 
The 18th Emergency 
After the Goat Man 
The TV Kid 
The Pinballs 
The Cartoonist
Goodbye Chicken Little 
The Night Swimmers 
The Cybil War 
The 2000 Pound Goldfish 
The Glory Girl 
The Computer Nut 
Cracker Jackson 
Coast to Coast 


For Middle Readers

The Seven Treasure Hunts 
Beans on the Roof


For Young Readers

The Golly Sister Books 
The Ant Books 
The Joy Boys 



The Moon and I



The Blossom Family Books 
The Bingo Brown Books 
The Herculeah Jones Mysteries 


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