Marion Gressett | History of SC Slide Collection

Marion Gressett (1902-1984, see Marion Gressett And Hyman Rubin) was first elected to the South Carolina state Senate from Calhoun County in 1937. A powerful political figure during the 1950s and 1960s, he became know as "Mr. Segregation." But he also wished to prevent violence in the state he loved and served. By the end of his long life in public office, Gressett had become more moderate. Here, as chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, he presides over a public hearing concerning reapportionment. The state had been ordered by federal courts to reapportion its six congressional districts to reflect more equitably the distribution of voters throughout the state and to allow African-Americans enough strength to elect candidates within a district. Next to Gressett is Senate Clerk Jim Fields. Photo by Larry Cagle, June 16, 1981.

Courtesy of "The State" newspaper.