Carolina Day Photo Gallery | History In A Nutshell

This photo gallery contains the following:

  • The original Moultrie Flag - The precursor to the S.C. State Flag.
  • Map of Fort Sullivan as it appeared on June 28, 1776
  • Map of Charleston Harbor during the American Revolution
  • Battle of Fort Sullivan
  • Dramatic depiction of Sgt. William Jasper recovering the Moultrie Flag and hoisting it back up onto the rampart. 
  • The uniform of a soldier in the 2nd South Carolina Regiment during the Battle of Sullivan's Island. This replica is on display at the S.C. State Museum.
  • South Carolina's "President", John Rutledge
  • Colonel William Moultrie, who was in charge of defenses on Sullivan's Island
  • Commodore Sir Peter Parker - British Naval Commander during the Battle of Sullivan's Island
  • General Sir Henry Clinton - British Army Commander. His attempted amphibious attack on Fort Sullivan's rear failed
  • This replica on display at the S.C. State Museum shows how Fort Sullivan would have looked during the battle on June 28, 1776
  • The "First Official Draft" of the S.C. State Flag. The Palmetto Tree was added in 1861, and has been featured on the S.C. State Flag ever since
  • The "Two Day Flag"
  • The S.C. Sovereignty/Secession Flag
  • "Big Red" - This flag was flown over Morris Island by cadets from The Citadel during the Civil War
  • S.C. State Flag as it appeared in the late 1800's
  • The S.C. State Flag as it appears today
  • The Palmetto Society - Founded in 1777
  • The Palmetto Guard Flag
  • St. Michael's Episcopal Church hold a church service every year to commemorate Carolina Day. The church's bells play "Three Blind Mice" during the parade down Meeting Street
  • Special Ceremonies are held at the 1876 "Defenders of Fort Moultrie" Monument at White Point Garden


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