Brattonsville Historical Marker | Historic Brattonsville

This historical marker was erected at Brattonsville by the York County Historical Commission in 1960.

* Please note that more is known today about the history of the Bratton family than was known in 1960. Therefore, the following information is provided as an UPDATE:

The marker states that there were three Bratton brothers, William, Robert and Hugh, who settled in York County in the 1760s and served in the Revolutionary War. 
*UPDATE: William Bratton had at least four brothers (Hugh, Thomas, Robert and John), and at least one sister (Jean)

The marker recognizes the Battle of Williamsons' Plantation, fought on July 12, 1780, one-quarter mile east of Brattonsville, in which the "outnumbered patriot militia led by Col. William Bratton and Capt. John McClure surprised and defeated a superior force of British troops commanded by Capt. Christian Houk, who was killed during the fighting..In the subsequent rout and pursuit, Col. Bratton's house became the scene of action. This was the first check to the British after the fall of Charleston." 

The marker recognizes these structures:
Revolutionary House, built by Col. William Bratton (c. 1776) *UPDATE: most likely built in 1766
Homestead House built by his son, Dr. John S. Bratton (1832-26)
Brick House built by Dr. John S. Bratton (circa 1843)
Brattonsville Post Office (1818-1852)
Brattonsville Female Seminary (circa 1840-1860)