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ABC Lessons - Arts in Basic Curriculum

The Arts in Basic Curriculum (ABC) Project provides leadership to achieve high-quality, comprehensive arts education (dance, music, media arts, theatre, visual arts and creative writing) for all students in South Carolina.

Creating with Mr. Dearybury

Children’s Literature is a special art form blending perfectly woven words and beautifully created pictures. Reading the author’s story combined with the illustrator's images, readers can’t help but to dream, imagine, and create. In this 8 video series, join author, illustrator, and educator Jed Dearybury as he walks us through some of his favorite picture books and how they inspire him to make art. Hopefully you will start making too, because it is a great day to create! 

James Otis Lecture 2022

Richard H. Willis, Esquire, the immediate past President of the American Board of Trial Advocates (ABOTA) SC Chapter is the host for the 2022 James Otis Lecture series.

Representative G. Murrell Smith, Jr., Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee for the South Carolina House of Representatives discusses what the SC State House building symbolizes, what it means to be a lawyer and legislator, the SC Constitution and the rule of law in today’s world. Anthony W. Livoti, Esquire, the President-Elect of ABOTA’s SC Chapter joins to talk about James Otis’ importance and legacy. Luther J. Battiste III, Esquire, ABOTA National Board Representative elaborates on the life and legacy of Judge Matthew J. Perry, Jr. The Honorable Sherri A. Lydon, U.S. District Court Judge calls attention to the very first legislative act performed by the first U.S. Congress – the oath of office. S.C. Court of Appeals Honorable D. Garrison Hill talks about the significance of George Washington’s chair in Independence Hall.

Reconstruction 360 - Series 3 and 4

Reconstruction 360 uses a 360 degree video platform as a storytelling device that lets the audience step inside pivotal Reconstruction events. By clicking on icons within the 360 video the user can access short documentaries that offer the perspectives of multiple characters, historians and descendants. Reconstruction 360 also includes lesson plans, curriculum standards and primary documents.

This module, Violence and Hatred, is situated in Memphis, Tennessee in May, 1866, during a terrible event known as the Memphis Massacre, in which at least 46 Black Memphians were murdered by members of a White mob. 

Welcome to a small school in rural Alabama. Everyone in the community is excited about the new teacher, a recent Normal School graduate who brings spelling books for her students.

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  • Our KnowItAll Highlights for October include content for Archaeology MonthBat Appreciation MonthHealth Literacy MonthHispanic Heritage MonthInternational Walk to School MonthNational Book MonthNational Bullying Prevention MonthNational Domestic Violence Awareness MonthNational Economic Education Month and TeenTober.

  • Our week-long observances include Fire Prevention Week (Oct. 9-15)World Space Week (Oct. 4-10)America’s Safe Schools Week (Oct. 16-22)National Friends of Libraries Week (Oct. 16-22)National School Bus Safety Week (Oct. 17-21) and Media Literacy Week (Oct. 24-28)

  • Our one-day observances include International Day of Non-Violence (Oct. 2), National Walk to School Day (Oct. 2), National Child Health Day (Oct. 3)World Habitat Day (Oct. 3)World Teachers’ Day (Oct. 5)World Migratory Bird Day (Oct. 8)MFG Day (Oct. 7), Indigenous People’s Day (Oct. 10), Columbus Day (Oct. 10), International Day of the Girl Child (Oct. 11),  National Farmer’s Day (Oct. 12)World Food Day (Oct. 16)National Pharmacy Technician Day (Oct. 19)National Mole Day (Oct. 23)National Paralegal Day (Oct. 23)United Nations Day (Oct. 24)National First Responders Day (Oct. 28)National Cat Day (Oct. 29), and Halloween (Oct. 31).



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