Macromolecules Diabetic meal Festivity


Macromolecules Diabetic meal Festivity

Lesson Overview

A balanced diet should consist of the 3 major Macromolecules (Carbohydrates, Lipids and Proteins) along with Micronutrients(Minerals and Vitamins) and water. Daily in cooking we use Macromolecules. Some students need a specialized diet so knowledge of the function of Macromolecules is important.

Some persons can not break down sugar easily in their bodies and need a special diet. This lesson will explore the possibilities of integrating the knowledge of Macromolecules into menu suitable for a diabetic person 


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Essential Question

Is there a specific macromolecule I should include in my diet as a diabetic teenager?

What is the function of Macromolecules in my diet?

Does it matter what you eat as a diabetic teenager?

Lesson Created By: BeatriceMcKnight, MarthaHearn, This lesson is used to educate the public about healthy food choices for diabetics

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