Marty Driggers is a bluegrass musician and singer from Clinton, South Carolina. Marty Driggers of Hartsville has played Bluegrass music since 1992.  He started playing the upright bass at a jam session when the regular bass player was out of town. He plays the guitar and the bass for the Sonoco Men's Chorus and has received a Jean Laney Harris Folk Heritage Award along with the group's other members. He is also a member of the bluegrass-gospel band Slope Valley and co-founder of RenoFest. His grandmother owned a guitar and showed him some chords. He went on to learn more by listening to other musicians and records. In school, he played the trumpet and became more accustomed to harmony and music theory. Mr. Driggers formed a glee club in college within his fraternity at Clemson University. He competed successfully in fraternity music events with songs learned from records by the New Christian Minstrels. His grandchildren are carrying on the musical family tradition and are learning the violin in school. Mr. Driggers makes regular appearances and performances at various bluegrass events around the region.

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