Visual Artist

In his work as a professional artist, Mr. Hank Herring has experimented with various techniques in functional and visual art. He has worked with mediums including wood, metal, paper, fabric, recycled and used materials. Originally from Rosehill, North Carolina, Mr. Herring moved to South Carolina in the 1980's. He is a self-taught artist and, starting at just seven years old, learned through reading about visual art in books, magazines, and television programs. Throughout his career, he has painted and given demonstrations at different schools, NC farms, programs, and at his home. For several years he taught students his art techniques in progressive apprenticeships. He also teaches quarterly at an after-school program for the Beaufort County Arts Council. His associations as an artist are with the Beaufort County Arts Council, the Beaufort County Public School System, Penn Center York Barley Museum, and the Children's Educational Village. 

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