Joseph Greco was born in Camden, New Jersey but moved to South Carolina in the late 1970's. He is a professional performer, singer, and song writer. He began singing when he was ten years old and learned the art from his mother and father as well as his brother. He has been singing ever since and as his talent developed into a career, he began song writing and performing. In addition to his own songs, he sings mostly country and gospel music. Joseph performs about once or twice a week. He often performs at the Jockey Lot flea market in Anderson County though he enjoys playing at a variety of locations including local family parties and reunions, local television and radio stations, Pigeon Forge Festivals, county fairs, church events, weddings, and several nursing homes. Although his home is Anderson County, he has performed in New Jersey, Florida, and North Carolina at VFW's, family reunions, and barbeque festivals. He utilizes mixers, keyboards, and the guitar in his music. He has even begun teaching others his art, including his daughter and a friend's son. 

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