Mr. Gene Jameson is a woodworker born and raised in Belton, South Carolina and started working with wood in 1987. He actively contributes to his hometown community by sharing his knowledge, appreciation, and skills as well as selling his own handmade pieces. Mr. Jameson studied the craft under Michael McDunn in Greenville, South Carolina at the Rome Workshop. He learned by observing Michael working, reading about the craft, practicing, and notes the importance of learning from mistakes. Using his own grandfather's carpentry tools, Mr. Jameson performs and demonstrates woodworking to the public and has made this craft into an occupation. He has appeared at the Belton Art Center and Belton Art Festival and is connected with many artistic associations within the Belton Community including the Belton Center for the Arts, the Belton Library Chapter no. 8, and the Belton Museum Association. 

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