Decorative Painter

Ms. Debbie Bell was born in Cleveland, Ohio but came to South Carolina in 1987. Her father taught her to paint when she was a small child and her interest blossomed as she became more interested in decorative, or mural, painting. She learned even more by watching painting programs on television and experimenting with other types of art. She enjoys presenting and sharing her talents with the public. These murals and paintings have been enjoyed for years by the community in Anderson County. Some highlights of her career include backdrop painting at a local live theatre, the Electric City Playhouse as well as murals at a teaching hospital, Anmed Health, both in Anderson. Debbie typically uses acrylic paint applied onto a variety of material including: sheetrock, plastic, primed canvas, wall board, and sweatshirts. Ms. Bell has even taught Linda Anderson, a friend of hers, to paint over the last 7 years. She continues teaching and practicing her art both at her home and for her community. 

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