We Have A Story To Tell - Episode 1


           Produced by Mark Adams, this Carolina Stories documentary tells the story of the South Carolina Army National Guard, from its founding in 1670, to present day. The Guard’s history is long and rich; its service to the United States and to South Carolina is enduring. The SC Military Museum partnered with the SC Military History Foundation to tell the stories of the SC Army National Guard and the SC Air National Guard.  

The origins of the SC Army National Guard trace back to the founding of Charles Towne in 1670. The original SC National Guard started with only one hundred men, and the idea of the “citizen soldier” endures to this very day. Militia troops played an important role during the American Revolutionary War, of which South Carolina’s militia heavily contributed to the cause for freedom. Units of volunteer military forces were formed across the country during the Federal Period, and South Carolina units served with distinction during the War of 1812, and the Mexican-American War.

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