T. Lilly Little Water | Women Vision SC


T. Lilly Little Water began her life’s passion of advocating for Indigenous People at age seventeen.  “It’s something intangible and inexplicable that drives me.  It feels like there are also a 1000 ancestors in my heart that are constantly giving me a nudge in this way or that way. They always give me direction.”  That direction has led T. Lilly Little Water to 30 years of conducting social justice campaigns for Native Americans. She is CEO of the SC Indian Affairs Commission, where she organized the Indigenous Women’s Alliance Committee. She has also supported veterans, families and children. She focuses on human rights and challenges arising from poverty. From organizing Pow Wows to preserving and strengthening the Native American culture to lobbying, her love of culture has developed into a keen sense of humanity. She did not receive her undergraduate degree until she was 32.  Later she pursued a post-graduate degree in clinical psychology and entered a PhD program at the age of 60. 


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